• Interior and Exterior Wall Sheathing

    Interior and Exterior Wall Sheathing

    Whether interior or exterior, stone walls are costly and structurally demanding. Light-weight StonePly sheathing reduces the structural demands of stone-clad walls by minimizing the amount of weight added by the paneling.

  • StonePly Stone Panels

    StonePly Stone Panels

    StonePly is Non-flammable and Non-corrosive All of the component materials of StonePly have been selected, not only because of their aesthetics, but also because of their durability and tenacity. Stone and aluminum are neither flammable, nor do they tarnish or rust. Additionally, StonePly is resistant to corrosive elements like salt water, acid rain and smog.


What is StonePly

StonePly is a revolutionary material that combines the classic beauty of natural stone with the convenience of modern, synthetic materials. StonePly permits the use of stone slabs in projects that otherwise would not be able to support the financial cost or the physical weight of solid stone. Traditional stone paneling is expensive, heavy and brittle; […]

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