What is StonePly

StonePly is a revolutionary material that combines the classic beauty of natural stone with the convenience of modern, synthetic materials. StonePly permits the use of stone slabs in projects that otherwise would not be able to support the financial cost or the physical weight of solid stone.

Traditional stone paneling is expensive, heavy and brittle; because of these traits, stone is more complicated to use in remodeling projects or large scale construction. Even if the stone is installed perfectly, a task which requires an experienced, specialized mason, it is vulnerable to weather, concussive force and vandalism, thus adding to the cost of maintenance. StonePly resolves many of these complications by providing paneling that is light-weight, affordable, durable and easily replaceable.

By fixing a laminate of real stone to an aluminum honeycomb structure, StonePly offers wall paneling that can be used in projects of any scale. While every variety shares the same hidden, aluminum substructure, StonePly’s diverse selection of stone laminate is unrivalled. Whether your project calls for smoky, swirling marble or sparkling, mica-speckled granite, StonePly can accommodate nearly any variety of stone.

Although the stone veneer is the only visible element of this product, StonePly’s aluminum sub-structure is just as important. This unique honeycomb material grants a panel of StonePly unrivaled flexibility and strength while also providing a solid base for mounting the panels to walls, columns and floors. Unlike a solid piece of aluminum, the honeycomb structure ensures that the panels are as light as possible without compromising their structural integrity.

When it’s finally time to install, StonePly offers three methods of mounting the panels, all of which are both firm and invisible. Whether you choose to attach StonePly with a “z clip” system with one-piece z-clip extrusions, concealed screw attachments or an adhesive, like structural silicon, you can be sure that the paneling will stay firmly in place for years. Better still, no matter what method of installation you choose, StonePly is significantly more affordable than traditional masonry. From kitchen tiles to building exteriors, the applicability of this amazing building material is limited only by your imagination.


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