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What is StonePly

StonePly is a revolutionary material that combines the classic beauty of natural stone with the convenience of modern, synthetic materials. StonePly permits the use of stone slabs in projects that otherwise would not be able to support the financial cost or the physical weight of solid stone. Traditional stone paneling is expensive, heavy and brittle; […]

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About Us

StonePly is the premier manufacturer and supplier of composite, natural stone paneling around the world. The StonePly Team When you choose StonePly, you not only get one of the finest stone composite panels in the world, you also gain access to the expertise of StonePly’s world class team of designers, petrologists, technicians and quality testers. […]

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StonePly Palmilla Resort

StonePly Stone Panels: Features and Benefits

StonePly is Light-weight As a building material, StonePly presents several unique opportunities for builders and designers for whom weight is an obstacle. While still maintaining the natural luster and beauty of stone, StonePly weighs approximately 80% less than traditional stone panels. Because of its light weight, StonePly offers design opportunities that would not otherwise be […]

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Backlit Stone Panels

Applications of StonePly

StonePly Makes Renovation Easy Renovation is simple with StonePly. Since StonePly can be attached to nearly any surface, including bricks, stucco, metal or concrete, it’s easy to re-clad an existing structure with attractive, natural-looking stone. Sheathing a wall, floor or column with StonePly does not necessitate the removal of the old structure. Instead, the new […]

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