Applications of StonePly

StonePly Makes Renovation Easy

Renovation is simple with StonePly. Since StonePly can be attached to nearly any surface, including bricks, stucco, metal or concrete, it’s easy to re-clad an existing structure with attractive, natural-looking stone. Sheathing a wall, floor or column with StonePly does not necessitate the removal of the old structure. Instead, the new panels are applied directly to the old wall, column or floor. Installing StonePly directly to an existing structure means skipping the step of tearing down the old structure and disposing of the debris, thus cutting down on construction time, and minimizing disruption to business as usual.

Interior and Exterior Wall Sheathing

Whether interior or exterior, stone walls are costly and structurally demanding. Light-weight StonePly sheathing reduces the structural demands of stone-clad walls by minimizing the amount of weight added by the paneling. Additionally, StonePly is non-flammable, non-corrosive and resistant to impacts that would otherwise shatter traditional stone panels. With StonePly, you are no longer limited by the weight or cost of a solid stone wall. Sandstone, granite, even marble walls are all within your grasp.

StonePly on the Water, in the Air and on the Road

Light-weight and flexible, StonePly is well suited to use in yachts, cruise ships, automobiles and aircraft, all of which must be designed to weigh as little as possible. Since StonePly weighs up to 80% less than stone panels, weight-sensitive vessels like yachts or aircraft can benefit from the classic aesthetic appeal of stone without negatively affecting their maneuverability or gas efficiency.

There are a variety of applications of StonePly, and the aluminum honeycomb base that fixes StonePly in place is substantially more forgiving than stone when subjected to the sudden jolts and vibrations associated with travel in any vehicle. Whether it is air turbulence, waves at sea or bumps in the road, StonePly allows you to enjoy real stone decoration without having to worry about it dislodging or chipping.

Finally, StonePly is equipped to resist corrosive elements like salt water, strong winds and acid rain, allowing it to be used on the decks of yachts and cruise ships without having to worry about corrosion.

StonePly Furniture and Sculptural Decorations

Though attractive, solid stone furniture is nearly impossible to move. Due to their weight, stone tables, sculptures or fountains cannot easily be rearranged. StonePly has the advantage of looking nearly indistinguishable from real stone, but without the weight, giving you the freedom to easily rearrange your StonePly furniture or sculptures. Enjoy the earthy style of stone furniture and sculptural decorations without the hassle or full cost of real stone.

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