StonePly Stone Panels: Features and Benefits

StonePly is Light-weight

As a building material, StonePly presents several unique opportunities for builders and designers for whom weight is an obstacle. While still maintaining the natural luster and beauty of stone, StonePly weighs approximately 80% less than traditional stone panels. Because of its light weight, StonePly offers design opportunities that would not otherwise be structurally or functionally possible. Freestanding stone columns, impossibly abstract sculptures and comparably thin, external stone walls are all feasible options due to the innovation of StonePly.

StonePly is Flexible yet Strong

StonePly stone panels have the added benefit of flexibility. Unlike traditional stone panels, which are rigid and brittle when mortared into place, StonePly stone panels are fixed in place via its aluminum, honeycomb base. Aluminum, though strong, is more flexible than other metals, and certainly more flexible than pure stone. This flexive strength means that StonePly panels are less likely to break and detach when they are subjective to vibrations or concussive force. Impressively, when subjected to direct impact, StonePly is approximately sixty times more resilient than solid granite slabs. Accidents can never be anticipated, but with the durability of StonePly, you can rest assured that you’re prepared for the worst.

StonePly is Non-flammable and Non-corrosive

All of the component materials of StonePly have been selected, not only because of their aesthetics, but also because of their durability and tenacity. Stone and aluminum are neither flammable, nor do they tarnish or rust. Additionally, StonePly is resistant to corrosive elements like salt water, acid rain and smog. StonePly paneling has proven capable of standing up to strong winds and rain without delaminating or detaching. Whether you choose to install StonePly inside or outside, these panels are equipped to deal with virtually any conditions.


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